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Swim Classes

Age:                  Recommend 9 months – 2½  years

Duration:          30 minutes

Maximum:        8 Babies with 1 Adult each

Location:          Middle – Deep end of pool

*Please note, an adult is required in the pool with each baby.

Baby classes are the ideal opportunity to introduce your child to the aquatic environment through the use of nursery rhymes & activities – 'learning through play'.


There are both physical & mental advantages in starting children at this age to learn to swim.


The three most important being

  • Water familiarization       

  • Exercise & motor skill development

  • Bonding between parent & child


With play as the foundation, confidence and basic survival skills are learned through repetition & extension.


Learning and achieving

  • Water discovery for your child that is both fun and full of purpose

  • Confidence and mobility, water sense and awareness

  • Floating with aids

  • Basic breath control, submerging

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