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Arms & Breathing


Age:                  6 – 11 years

Duration:          30 minutes

Maximum:        6 Swimmers

Location:          Lane Swimming (Middle – Deep end)

*Please note specified age is only an indication, this is dependent on individual ability and previous     swimming experience.

Learning and achieving

  • Freestyle

    • Arms & breathing with board (unassisted)

    • Arms & breathing without board

    •  6 x Laps freestyle (continuous with good technique)

  • Backstroke

    • Kicking on back without board

    • Kicking on back with continuous arm action

    •  6 x Laps backstroke (continuous with good technique)

  • Breaststroke

    • Introduction to breaststroke (Assisted frog kick on back)

    • Frog kick on back (unassisted)

    • Frog kick on front with board

    • Breaststroke with arm action

    • Breaststroke with correct arm action & timing

    •  6 x Laps breaststroke (continuous with good technique)

  • Swimming more continuous laps

  • Deep water skills (Treading water 1 minute)

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