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Beginners Classes

Age:                  2½  - 6 years

Duration:          30 minutes

Maximum:        4 Swimmers

Location:          Shallow end with some deep water work

*Please note specified age is only an indication, this is dependent on individual ability and previous     swimming experience.

Learning and achieving

  • Confidence, independence and water safety skills

  • Kicking on front  board

  • Underarm crawl (Dog paddle), progressing to swim comfortably without floatation aids with good breathing control, and head above the water

  • Streamlined torpedo with a freestyle kick progressing to:-

    • Torpedo with freestyle arms (Big round arms)

    • Assisted freestyle arms & breathing ( Breath Arm, Bubble Arm)

    • Assisted freestyle arms & breathing with board

  • Kicking on back with board

  • Floating and submerging

  • Safe entries and exits

  • Deep water skills

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